voice element
VoiceXML 2.0
Controls the vocal characteristics for the contained text when played back by the TTS engine.


gender = "string"
name = "string"

One of the following values:
female Indicates that a female voice should be used.
male Indicates that a male voice should be used.
A space-separated list of voice names used to speak the contained text. The names should be listed in order of preference.
tom Indicates that "Tom's" voice should be used.
zira Indicates that "Zira's" voice should be used.

audio, emphasis, enumerate, foreach, p, prompt, prosody, s, voice

audio, break, emphasis, enumerate, mark, p, phoneme, prosody, s, say-as, sub, value, voice


The following example exercises the name and gender attributes of the voice element.

<vxml version="2.1" 
        <voice name="tom"> This is Tom. </voice>
        <break time="200ms"/>
        <voice name="zira"> This is Zira. </voice>
        <break time="200ms"/>
        <voice gender="male"> This is a generic male voice. </voice>
        <break time="200ms"/>
        <voice gender="female"> This is a generic female voice. </voice>
        <break time="200ms"/>

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