Code Library

Here you'll find sample code and reusable code modules that you can use to build your VoiceXML application.

1. Tutorial Examples
Basic "Hello World" Start with the basics. This example illustrates a VoiceXML version of the classic "Hello World" program using text-to-speech (TTS), and audio.
Recognizing User Input A phone application receives input by one of two ways: either by spoken input, or by DTMF input.
Grammar Scoping This example demonstrates the basics of grammar scoping.
List Navigation A list is one of the most commonly used voice interface elements. This example demonstrates the basic principles of list navigation by showing you how to implement forward and backward movement in a list.
Dynamic VoiceXML This examples shows you how to use HTTP GET (or POST) to pass variables from a voice application to a Web server.
Setting Cookies This example demonstrates how to maintain state for the duration of a session (call) through the use of HTTP cookies. Learn how to set, retrieve, and delete a cookie from your voice application.
XML/XSL into VoiceXML XSL Transformations (XSLT) is a powerful, standards-based template language that you can use to convert XML into any format including HTML and VoiceXML. This example shows you how to build a data-driven application for the the Web and the phone from a single data source and multiple templates.

2. Sample Applications
Rock-Paper-Scissors This simple application uses VoiceXML and Javascript to implement the classic game Rock-Paper-Scissors...for the phone!
Fortune Teller Do you have a question? Ask the Fortune Teller. This simple application has the answer to all your troubles.
Tellme Blackjack Extend your applications with Javascript. Tellme Blackjack shows you how easy it is to build great phone applications by combining VoiceXML with Javascript.
Drink Recipes I This version of Drink Recipes asks the caller for a drink name, and in response, plays back the drink's ingredients list and mixing instructions. This example demonstrates the use of large grammars and how to create data-driven applications.
Not So Organic Grocery Store Try out the "Not So Organic Grocery Store" to see how to build a data-driven phone application.
Dictation Application This simple application demonstrates usage of external webreco API to extract text from user speech
SMS VXML Application This is sample SMS VXML Application to demo SMS API for OmniChannel

3. Utility Objects and Functions
Parse multi-value grammars Some intrinsic grammars return multiple values in a encoded in a single string. This function parses the return values of any Tellme Studio multi-value intrinsic grammar and stores the results in individual session variables.

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