About Record By Phone

The Record By Phone Tool allows you to record prompts using an ordinary telephone. Once you have finished recording your prompts, the audio files will be emailed to you. You can then host the audio files on your Web server and reference them from your voice application.

1. Using Record by Phone

Follow these steps to use record by phone:

  1. Call Tellme Studio.
  2. Say, "Record By Phone!"
  3. Sign into your Tellme Studio account.
  4. Record your prompts

After you record a prompt you are presented with several options:

Tellme Studio sends the recorded prompt as an attachment (.wav) to the email address specified in your Tellme Studio Preferences. Record by Phone then asks you to record another prompt.
Plays back the recorded audio for you to review.
Record Again
Allows you to re-record your prompt.
'*' '*'
Hitting the star key twice on your telephone keypad returns you to Tellme Studio.
Known issues
When you have autologin enabled to go directly to your voice application when calling Studio, you can't access the Record By Phone tool since the entry point is during the login process. You can disable autologin from My Preferences.
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