Getting Started with Tellme Studio

Thousands of VoiceXML developers use Tellme Studio's powerful development tools, active community of voice application developers, and library of re-usable code modules to speed the creation of custom voice applications. Used by internal Tellme developers to create the high-quality applications on 800-555-TELL, Tellme Studio is custom-tailored to fit the needs of the serious VoiceXML developer.

"...this may be the first time I've ever referred to a Web site as a development tool!" (WirelessDevNet)

Think about an idea that you would like to make accessible by millions of people over the phone. Looking for examples? Call 1-800-555-TELL and try keywords like movies, sports, and blackjack.

"100% of what you hear on 1-800-555-TELL is built exclusively using Tellme Studio and VoiceXML."

Once you have an idea, you're ready to pick up VoiceXML. Much like HTML is the building block of Web pages, VoiceXML is the building block of phone sites. Use the VoiceXML Reference, along with the code, grammar, and audio libraries to get moving.

Traditional Web applications use technologies like Perl, ASP, or WebSphere to dynamically generate HTML by executing database queries and other logic on the server. VoiceXML brings this paradigm to the phone, giving developers an easy, integrated way to deliver a voice-enabled version of their services.

Tellme Studio allows you to quickly build and test VoiceXML applications without buying or installing any special hardware or software. Iteratively use these Studio resources to create and polish your application:

VoiceXML Scratchpad
Just type some VoiceXML directly in the Scratchpad, click Update, and call the phone number on that page to preview what you've written. (Each time you call, you'll be prompted for your Developer ID and PIN)
Application URL
To build and test more complex phone sites, just publish your VoiceXML and audio files on a publically accessible Web server, point Studio at the URL for your application's "home page", and once again call the Studio phone number to preview your application.
Integrated Syntax Checking
Every time you update either the Application URL or Scratchpad, Studio automatically checks to make sure your code is syntactically correct according to the VoiceXML DTD and additional rules specified in the VoiceXML 2.0 language specification. Any errors are immediately reported in red.
Tellme Voice Studio
Tellme Voice Studio is a voice application design and development tool based on Microsoft's Visual Studio Domain Specific Language (DSL) toolkit. You can use Voice Studio to design, develop, maintain, and document your voice application.
Debug Log
See a real-time "trace" of your application as it executes, including parse- and run-time errors. From the MyStudio page, click the "Debug Log" button to launch the Debug window.

"Tellme has made it almost deceptively easy to get started... Studio thoughtfully provides a set of the grammars you're likely to need over and over again." (Computer Telephony)

As you use Tellme Studio, you may run into issues we haven't covered in this brief overview. Check out the following resources for additional information:

A comprehensive set of frequently asked (and answered) questions about Tellme Studio, VoiceXML, and the Tellme Voice Application Network.
Use the search box at the top of Tellme Studio Web pages to find answers to your questions. Just type in a keyword or phrase, and click the 'search' button.
Tellme Studio MSDN Forums
An MSDN Forum Group used by developers to help one another solve VoiceXML development issues.

Thanks, and enjoy using Tellme Studio!

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