text Property
Retrieves the contents of all the text nodes contained by the Node and any element nodes that it contains.

var sData = Node.text;

Possible Values
sData The text contained by the Node.


The example below references the following XML data. The name of the root document element is "tale".

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?access-control allow="*"?>
Once upon a <b>time</b> in a <b>galaxy</b> <i>far</i>, far away...

The following example uses the text property to retrieve the text contained by the root document element. The interpreter plays the text using the TTS engine.

<vxml version="2.0">
<data name="oData" src="tale2.exml"/>

<form id="form1">
   <!-- retrieve all text nodes contained by 
        the root document element -->
   <var name="tts" expr="oData.documentElement.text"/>
   <log><value expr="tts"/></log>
   <audio><value expr="tts"/></audio>

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