nodeValue Property
Last Updated: 08-25-2005
Retrieves the value of the node.

var sValue = Node.nodeValue;

Possible Values
sValue The value of the Node.

Prior to revision 3, comment and processing instruction nodes in an XML document are ignored, and CDATA section nodes are treated the same as text nodes. Various types of nodes are all recognized and treated independently in revision 3 and later, and, for compliance with the Interface Node section of the DOM 2 specification, there are some differences in nodeValue values for various types of nodes. The following table shows the differences between the old (pre-revision 3) and new (revision 3) nodeValue values.
Node Type Old nodeValue New nodeValue
Attribute attribute value attribute value
CDATASection content of the CDATA section and any adjacent text nodes content of the CDATA section
Comment N/A content of the comment
Document null null
Element null null
ProcessingInstruction N/A data property
TextNode content of the text node and any adjacent CDATA sections content of the text node

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